Our platform, EMRO.Cloud enables high quality virtual legal medical opinion services for both Insurance companies and independent Medico-Legal teams.

EMRO Doctors will provide access to our network of oncology experts, seamless document sharing, efficient review of case files and report generation to the Medico-legal teams representing our patients and doctors.

Network of Oncology Experts

  • Access to cancer care experts across different cancer types.
  • Access to surgical, medical and radiation oncologists.
  • Option to engage with multiple experts on the same case.

Seamless Sharing of Case Files

  • Single upload per file.
  • Fast and seamless sharing of case files with multiple experts.
  • Automatic page counts per file.
  • Quick means for medical experts to determine conflicts before full reviews.

Workflow Coordination

  • Storage of cases in one location.
  • Option of granting access to different team members working on the file.
  • Safe and fast email communication or video conferencing between all parties reviewing the cases.

Document Search Option

  • AI and analytics-based search engine that allows easy and fast means for identifying and extracting the most relevant parts of the case files.

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